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The Compassionate Citizens Transpartisan Network is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, incorporated in Washington DC and building a model program in Chicago, IL, which was initially organized to pursue a simple but powerful goal: create a network of community-conscious home sellers, buyers, and realtors who together will support he growing transpartisan movement by donating portions of home sale commissions.

To this end, CCTN, in April 2016, took ownership of Connection Realty in Geneva, IL to explore the process of leveraging home sale commissions to develop a fund that will support transpartisan programs dedicated to strengthening civility, respect, and compassion within our communities and the fractured political system that affects all our lives.

The home owner’s role is simple. If you are buying or selling a home, work with a socially-conscious realtor who will make sure a portion of your home sales’ commission is donated to the CCTN Fund. Don’t know where to start? Even if you don’t live in the Chicago area, contact Norlyn Dimmit of Connection Realty. He can connect you with a realtor in your area who will work with you to support compassion and civility in your community.

Launch Announcement / Press Release from April 2016

Chicago Area Realtor, Connection Realty, Announces Merger with the Compassionate Citizens Transpartisan Network

Media Contact: Norlyn Dimmit,

Geneva, IL – April 6, 2016 – Connection Realty (, a northern Illinois Realtor celebrating 15 years providing community conscious service to the western Chicago region, announced this week its recent integration with the newly formed, Washington DC-based “Compassionate Citizens Transpartisan Network”, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the rapidly growing Transpartisan Movement.

As the for-profit arm of this new funding endeavor, Connection Realty will work with realtors in the Chicago and Austin TX regions to offer home buyers and sellers an opportunity to share part of the home sale’s commission with Transpartisan programs. Inspired by the Transpartisan Movement’s dedication to civil discourse and compassionate communities, Connection Realty offers a “serve your values / shop your values” model of home sales through special strategic partnerships with multiple real estate agents, including RE/MAX Great AmericanNorth, Give Back Realty Group and Exit Realty in the Greater Chicago region, and Give Realty in Austin, TX.

Of the recent transition from private realtor to CCTN partner, Norlyn Dimmit, broker and manager of Connection Realty said, “The Realtor community is uniquely positioned to become involved in compassionate community building through support of transpartisan initiatives which advocate placing our communities’ needs above political rhetoric.”  On why now, Mr. Dimmit added, “For  years, I have been driven by a desire to show that meaningful change can be supported from within industry.  My passion for the transpartisan movement has grown from my confidence that real change starts with compassionate citizens working, living and even buying & selling together in socially-conscious ways to tackle the challenges, like poverty, which weaken our communities.”

The Compassionate Citizens Transpartisan Network and Connection Realty is launching its new program this Spring with a focus on the greater Chicago and Austin, TX markets, with plans to expand into other markets in 2017.

About the Transpartisan Movement

The Transpartisan Movement is made up of thousands of individuals and organizations dedicated to furthering the goals of a new citizen-directed political imperative emerging from popular forms of civic engagement, civil discourse and community dialogue. “Transpartisanship” differentiates itself from “bipartisanship” by focusing on the common ground shared by citizens from all political perspectives encouraging, from that common ground, a practical and cooperative political system in support of a healthier and stronger democracy for the United States. At the forefront of this movement are national organizations like the Bridge Alliance (, the Mediators Foundation (, the Charter for Compassion (, and Voice of the People (


To learn more about this merger, please contact

Norlyn Dimmit, Broker/Manager
Connection Realty
1468 Joshel Ct, Geneva, IL 60134
(630) 362-4663