Issue #3 – What Transpartisan Means

We are proud to share the third issue of The Transpartisan Review, a digital journal of politics, society, and culture, exploring the apparent disintegration of the traditional political, social and cultural order from a transpartisan point of view. For this issue, we have reached out to several colleagues, including members of our Advisory Board, to assist us in examining the meaning of the word transpartisan and how this concept shapes the way we engage our communities.

Along with pieces in which our editors share why they call themselves transpartisan, we have included several articles from our community. These articles resonated with a modern transpartisan perspective so much that, as we prepared this issue, they encouraged us to launch a new monthly series of Guest Articles, many of which are shared here.

One article that did not make it into Issue Three due to its length — though certainly tied to this issue’s theme — is John Kesler’s Transpartisan Maturity In Utah, our May 2019 guest article. Although absent from this issue, we encourage you to take a moment to read it for a more expansive look at the impact of transpartisan on a region of the United States.

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