Happy 4th of July!

Transpartisan Note #112

by A. Lawrence Chickering and James S. Turner

For July 4, 2019, the third anniversary of the launch of The Transpartisan Review, we share our introductory comment on the US 2020 Presidential election.  To date we have posted:

  • 112 Transpartisan Notes and eight articles written by us,
  • edited and published three editions of The Transpartisan Review,
  • published four collections of essays, and
  • posted twelve articles from friends and advisors.

All are available online at www.transpartisanreview.org and for hard copy purchase at Blurb.com.

During these three years, the recognition of what we see as The Transpartisan Impulse and significance of the more than 70% of Americans Constitutionally eligible to vote who refrain from identifying with either the Republican or Democratic parties continued to grow.  We expect this Transpartisan constituency to play an even large role in 2020 than it played in 2016.  We plan to continue pointing out its presence in the 2020 election beginning with today’s post.

To this end, we present the first part of a series of articles examining the election, See How They Run, Part 1. With this first piece, we look at the current political climate and how our Transpartisan Matrix can inform us about the long, electoral road ahead.  We also take a closer look at Democratic candidate Mayor Pete Buttigeig and learn that stories about citizen engagement can add substantive and rhetorical momentum to political campaigns.

See How They Run, Part 1


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