“Americans Agree,” The Chisel Tells Washington Press

Transpartisan Note #88

by A. Lawrence Chickering and James S. Turner

On February 27, 2018, TheChisel.com told reporters at the Washington Press Club that it’s Bipartisan Survey Shows Right, Left, and Center Agree on #1 Goal for 53% of 34 Issues (press release).  The Survey reported ‘the surprising good news about Americans’ shared values from a coalition of partners across the political spectrum’.

‘The results demonstrate that despite different vocabularies, favorite news channels, local customs, or professions, Americans maintain many shared values,’ said Deborah Devedjian, Founder of The Chisel, which spearheaded the survey.  You can find the details of the survey at TheChisel.com.

The survey addressed 7 themes: Economy; Social Justice; Liberty & Regulation; Health, Education & Care; Infrastructure & Services; Foreign Affairs; and Governance.  The Chisel coalition—30 universities, media outlets, and policy organizations across the political spectrum and the nation—reaches 58 million Americans.

TheChisel.com hosted the survey on its unique bipartisan public discussion platform.  Erik Fogg, Editor of ReConsider Media said of the survey, ‘Given partisan stereotypes and soundbites, many commonalities will surprise readers, especially in Employment, Mental Health, Foreign Aid, Campaign Finance, and Elections’

‘As a nation, we are frustrated and face uncertainties.  We expect this effort will help guide our nation’s leaders to understand Americans’ goals and devise tactics to achieve those goals.  It’s time for a new playbook,’ said Devedjian.  You can order the 100-page book of survey results from www.YesWeAgree.com.

The survey was based on 1,318 voting-age Americans, reflecting 2016 Census by gender, age, race, geography, income.  Respondents self-identified for political affiliation and provided numerical rankings and 5,000+ personal comments.

TheChisel.com identifies itself as the first and only online civic platform based on 100% bipartisan facts and proposals.  No bias,  no jargon, and fun, easy-to-understand graphics.  Content is developed with recognized experts from both sides of the aisle working together.

TheChisel.com provides a significant piece of what we call the ‘Transpartisan Impulse’.

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