In This Together 2021

Mobilizing “Solutions Voters” in a bid to save American democracy.

Transpartisan Note #140

shared by A. Lawrence Chickering and James S. Turner

Last summer, we featured an article by TTR friend and advisor Bill Shireman that put forth a strategy on Beating the Politics of Polarization involving a transpartisan theory that would have renegade political strategists mobilize “Solutions Voters” in a bid to save American democracy. In a follow-up commentary, we shared the story of In This Together, Bill’s transpartisan initiative that grew from an event where a dozen billionaire political donors (from all sides of our Matrix)  gathered by video with business leaders, foundation chiefs, scientists, advocates, and political strategists.

Bill Shireman, and his innovation partner, Dallas real estate scion Trammell S. Crow, were at the heart of this initiative from the start. Aiming to make considerable impact during the 2024 election season, the two continue to share this bold plan on their quest to save American democracy.

Bill and Trammell recently joined Stuart Scott and Dale Walkonen on FacingFuture.TV to talk about their initiative, their book of the same name, and how the ever-widening political divide has prevented us from coming together on the things most important to all of us. You can watch their conversation here.

We would also like to share an episode, featuring Bill, of the Fractal Friends podcast from earlier in January where, along with discussing how our ineffective political system is designed to encourage divisiveness, Bill shares the transpartisan message that a vast majority of us are eager and able to find solutions to all of the problems.

Our opinion hasn’t changed, especially in light or the red and blue waves that crashed together last autumn. The 70% that do not register as either Democrats or Republicans make their political statement in a voice so scattered that political leaders do not, or pretend to not, hear it. In This Together offers an opportunity for that voice to be focused and heard, making it one of many new initiatives leading the way towards a more transpartisan future. We will continue to watch In This Together carefully and report on its progress throughout 2021.

(Image from Additional text and editing by Andy Fluke.)

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