Transpartisan Protest: Police Respond

Transpartisan Note #127

shared by A. Lawrence Chickering and James S. Turner

Elliot Ackerman contributing writer for the New York Times wrote in a June 4, 2020 opinion piece:

“In Flint, Mich., last week, Sheriff Christopher R. Swanson captured national attention when he made an impassioned statement of support to demonstrators and asked what he could do to help. They chanted for Mr. Swanson and his officers to “walk with us” in protest. They did.”

“In cities across the country — New York, Savannah, Ga., Coral Gables, Fla., Santa Cruz, Calif., and elsewhere — groups of police officers took the opportunity to march, kneel or otherwise express the conviction they shared with the protesters, that brutality should have no place in policing. More examples are being documented at #WalkWithUs on Twitter.”

Local America speaks with many voices.

Other examples of #WalkWithUs:

(Feature image shared by NYTimes on Twitter.)

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